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部品番号 : 82375SB

詳細 : 82375EB/82375SB PCI-EISA BRIDGE (PCEB)

メーカー : Intel

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82375SB datasheet

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The 82375EB/SB PCI-EISA Bridge (PCEB) provides the master/slave functions on both the PCI Local Bus and the EISA Bus. Functioning as a bridge between the PCI and EISA buses, the PCEB provides the address and data paths, bus controls, and bus protocol translation for PCI-to-EISA and EISA-to-PCI transfers. Extensive data buffering in both directions increases system performance by maximizing PCI and EISA Bus efficiency and allowing concurrency on the two buses. The PCEB’s buffer management mechanism ensures data coherency.

The PCEB integrates central bus control functions including a programmable bus arbiter for the PCI Bus and EISA data swap buffers for the EISA Bus. Integrated system functions include PCI parity generation, system error reporting, and programmable PCI and EISA memory and I/O address space mapping and decoding. The PCEB also contains a BIOS Timer that can be used to implement timing loops. The PCEB is intended to be used with the EISA System Component (ESC) to provide an EISA I/O subsystem interface.

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