AD734AQ データシート PDF

部品番号 : AD734AQ

詳細 : 10 MHz, Four-Quadrant Multiplier/Divider

メーカー : Analog Devices

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AD734AQ datasheet

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The AD734 is an accurate high speed, four-quadrant analog
multiplier that is pin compatible with the industry-standard
AD534 and provides the transfer function W = XY/U. The
AD734 provides a low impedance voltage output with a full
power (20 V p-p) bandwidth of 10 MHz. Total static error
(scaling, offsets, and nonlinearities combined) is 0.1% of full
scale. Distortion is typically less than −80 dBc and guaranteed.
The low capacitance X, Y, and Z inputs are fully differential.
In most applications, no external components are required to
define the function.
The internal scaling (denominator) voltage, U, is 10 V, derived
from a buried-Zener voltage reference. A new feature provides
the option of substituting an external denominator voltage,
allowing the use of the AD734 as a two-quadrant divider with a
1000:1 denominator range and a signal bandwidth that remains
10 MHz to a gain of 20 dB, 2 MHz at a gain of 40 dB, and 200 kHz
at a gain of 60 dB, for a gain-bandwidth product of 200 MHz.
The advanced performance of the AD734 is achieved by a
combination of new circuit techniques, the use of a high speed
complementary bipolar process, and a novel approach to laser
trimming based on ac signals rather than the customary dc
methods. The wide bandwidth (>40 MHz) of the AD734’s input
stages and the 200 MHz gain-bandwidth product of the multiplier
core allow the AD734 to be used as a low distortion demodulator
with input frequencies as high as 40 MHz as long as the desired
output frequency is less than 10 MHz.
The AD734AQ and AD734BQ are specified for the industrial
temperature range of −40°C to +85°C and come in a 14-lead
CERDIP and a 14-lead PDIP package. The AD734SQ/883B,
available processed to MIL-STD-883B for the military range of
−55°C to +125°C, is available in a 14-lead CERDIP.

High accuracy
0.1% typical error
High speed
10 MHz full power bandwidth
450 V/μs slew rate
200 ns settling to 0.1% at full power
Low distortion
−80 dBc from any input
Third-order IMD typically −75 dBc at 10 MHz
Low noise
94 dB SNR, 10 Hz to 20 kHz
70 dB SNR, 10 Hz to 10 MHz
Direct division mode
2 MHz BW at gain of 100

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