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部品番号 : AD8432

詳細 : Dual-Channel Ultralow Noise Amplifier with Selectable Gain and Input Impedance

メーカー : Analog Devices

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AD8432 datasheet

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The AD8432 is a dual-channel, low power, ultralow noise amplifier with selectable gain and active impedance matching. Each channel has a single-ended input, differential output, and integrated input clamps. By pin strapping the gain setting pins, four accurate gains of G = 12.04dB, 18.06 dB, 21.58 dB, and 24.08 dB (×4, ×8, ×12, and ×16, respectively) are possible. A bandwidth of 200 MHz at G = 12.04 dB makes this amplifier well suited for many high speed applications.

Low noise
Input voltage noise: 0.85 nV/√Hz
Current noise: 2.0 pA/√Hz
High speed
200 MHz bandwidth (G = 12.04 dB)
295 V/µs slew rate
G = 12.04dB (×4)
G = 18.06 dB (×8)
G = 21.58 dB (×12)
G = 24.08 dB (×16)
Active input impedance matching
Integrated input clamp diodes
Single-ended input, differential output
Supply range: 4.5 V to 5.5V
Low power: 60 mW/channel

CW Doppler ultrasound front ends
Low noise preamplification
Predriver for I/Q demodulators and phase shifters
Wideband analog-to-digital drivers

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