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部品番号 : AD8436

詳細 : Low Cost, Low Power, True RMS-to-DC Converter

メーカー : Analog Devices

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AD8436 datasheet

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The AD8436 is a new generation, translinear precision, low power, t rue rms-to-dc converter loaded with options. It computes a precise dc equivalent of the rms value of ac wave forms, including complex patterns such as those generated by switch mode power supplies and triacs. Its accuracy spans a wide range of input levels (see Figure 2) and temperatures. The ensured accuracy of ≤±0.5% and ≤10 µV output offset result from the latest Analog Devices, Inc., technology. The
crest factor error is <0.5% for CF values between 1 and 10. The AD8436 delivers true rms results at less cost than misleading peak, averaging, or digital solutions. There is no programming expense or processor overhead to consider, and the 4 mm × 4 mm package easily fits into tight applications. On-board buffer amplifiers enable the widest range of options for any rms-to-dc converter available, regardless of cost. For minimal applications, only a single external averaging capacitor is required. The built-in high impedance FET buffer provides an interface for external attenuators, frequency compensation, or driving low impedance loads. A matched pair of internal
resistors enables an easily configurable gain-of-two or more, extending the usable input range even lower. The low power, precision input buffer makes the AD8436 attractive for use in portable multi-meters and other battery-powered applications.

Delivers true rms or average rectified value of ac waveform
Fast settling at all input levels
Accuracy: ±10 μV ± 0.25% of reading (B grade)
Wide dynamic input range
100 μV rms to 3 V rms (8.5 V p-p) full-scale input range
Larger inputs with external scaling
Wide bandwidth:
1 MHz for −3 dB (300 mV)
65 kHz for additional 1% error
Zero converter dc output offset
No residual switching products
Specified at 300 mV rms input
Accurate conversion with crest factors up to 10
Low power: 300 µA typical at ±2.4 V
High-Z FET separately powered input buffer
RIN ≥ 10
12Ω, CIN ≤ 2 pF
Precision dc output buffer
Wide power supply voltage range
Dual: ±2.4 V to ±18 V; single: 4.8 V to 36 V
4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP and 8 mm × 6 mm QSOP packages
ESD protected

eIN = 300 mV (rms), frequency = 1 kHz sinusoidal, ac-coupled, ±VS = ±5 V, TA = 25°C, CAVG = 10 µ F, unless otherwise specified.

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