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部品番号 : DC60MP

詳細 : MP Model, 60 VDC, 3 Amp, DC Control Solid State Relay (SSR)

メーカー : Unspecified

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DC60MP datasheet

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* Rugged, epoxy encapsulation construction
* 4,000 volts of optical isolation
* Subjected to full load test and six times the rated current surge before and after encapsulation
* Unique heat-spreader technology
* Guaranteed for life

In 1974, Opto 22 introduced the first liquid epoxy-filled line of power solid-state relays (SSR). This innovation in SSR design greatly improved the reliability and reduced the cost of manufacturing. At that time, we also incorporated into our manufacturing process 100% testing under full load conditions of every relay we produced.

By 1978, Opto 22 had gained such a reputation for reliability that we were recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state relays. Through continuous manufacturing

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