FA5311P データシート – 8Pin, Bipolar IC – Fuji Electric

部品番号 : FA5311P

特長 : Bipolar IC for Switching Power Supply Control

パッケージ : DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

メーカー : Fuji


FA5311P 画像


The FA5310P(S) and FA5311P(S) are bipolar ICs for switching power supply control that can directly drive a power MOSFET.

These ICs contain many functions in a small 8-pin package. With these ICs, a high performance and compact power supply can be created because not many external discrete components are needed.

1. Drive circuit for connecting a power MOS-FET
2. Wide operating frequency range ( 5 to 600 kHz )

FA5311P データシート

FA5311P データシート