HC-SR501 データシート – 人体感知センサーモジュール ( PIR MOTION DETECTOR )

部品番号 : HC-SR501

特長 : 人体感知センサーモジュール ( PIR MOTION DETECTOR )

パッケージ : Module


HC-SR501 image


部品情報 ( 仕様 )

HC-SR501 is based on infrared technology, automatic control module, using Germany imported LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, high reliability, ultra-low-voltage operating mode, widely used in various auto-sensing electrical equipment, especially for battery-powered automatic controlled products.

1. 電源電圧: DC4.5~20V

2. 消費電流: 50μA以下

3. 出力信号: HIGH 3.3V、LOW 0V

4. 動作モード: L:再検知しない,  H:再検知あり

5. 検知時間: 0.5s

6. 出力時間: 3~200s※調整可能

7. 基板外形: 32x24mm

8. 感知範囲: 100°

9. 感知距離:センター 5~7m,  サイド 3~4m

10. 使用環境温度: -15~+70℃

注意 : 本センサーは、高い信頼性を要する機器には組み込まないでください。


HC-SR501 データシート

Features :
1. Automatic induction: to enter the sensing range of the output is high, the person leaves the sensing range of the automatic delay off high, output low.
2. Photosensitive control (optional, not factory-set) can be set photosensitive control, day or light intensity without induction.
3. Temperature compensation (optional, factory reset): In the summer when the ambient temperature rises to 30 ° C to 32 ° C, the detection distance is slightly shorter, temperature compensation can be used for performance compensation.
4. Triggered in two ways: (jumper selectable)
5. non-repeatable trigger: the sensor output high, the delay time is over, the output is automatically changed from high level to low level;

HC-SR501 データシート