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部品番号 : HMC5883L

詳細 : 3-Axis Digital Compass IC

メーカー : Honeywell International

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HMC5883L datasheet

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The Honeywell  HMC5883L  is a  surface-mount,  multi-chip module  designed for low-field magnetic sensing  with a digital interface for applications  such as lowcost compassing and  magnetometry. 

The  HMC5883L  includes our state-of-theart,  high-resolution  HMC118X  series  magneto-resistive  sensors  plus  an  ASIC containing amplification,  automatic degaussing  strap drivers,  offset cancellation, and  a  12-bit  ADC  that  enables  1°  to  2°  compass  heading  accuracy.  

The  I2C serial bus allows for easy  interface.  The HMC5883L  is  a 3.0×3.0x0.9mm surface mount  16-pin  leadless  chip  carrier  (LCC).  Applications  for  the  HMC5883L include  Mobile  Phones,  Netbooks,  Consumer  Electronics,  Auto  Navigation Systems, and Personal Navigation Devices.


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