LF353N データシート PDF

部品番号 : LF353N

詳細 : Quad Operational Amplifier, Internally Compensated, JFET Input

メーカー : ON Semiconductor

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LF353N datasheet

部品情報 :

These devices are available in single, dual and quad operational
amplifiers which are pin–compatible with the industry standard MC1741,
MC1458, and the MC3403/LM324 bipolar devices.
•Input Offset Voltage of 5.0 mV Max (LF347B)
•Low Input Bias Current: 50 pA
•Low Input Noise Voltage: 16 nV/ Hz

•Wide Gain Bandwidth: 4.0 MHz
•High Slew Rate: 13V/µs
•Low Supply Current: 1.8 mA per Amplifier
•High Common Mode and Supply Voltage Rejection Ratios: 100 dB

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