LMV932-N-Q1 データシート PDF

部品番号 : LMV932-N-Q1

詳細 : Single/Dual/Quad 1.8V, RRIO Operational Amplifiers

メーカー : Texas Instruments

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LMV932-N-Q1 datasheet

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The LMV931-N/LMV932-N/LMV934-N are low voltage, low power operational amplifiers. LMV931-N/LMV932-N/LMV934-N operate from +1.8V to +5.5V supply voltages and have rail-to-rail input and output.

LMV931-N/LMV932-N/LMV934-N input common mode voltage extends 200mV beyond the supplies which enables user enhanced functionality beyond the supply voltage range. The output can swing rail-to-rail unloaded and within 105mV from the rail with 600Ω load at 1.8V supply. The LMV931-N/LMV932-N/LMV934-N are optimized to work at 1.8V which
make them ideal for portable two-cell battery powered systems and single cell Li-Ion systems.

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