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部品番号 : LTC2627

詳細 : 16-/14-/12-Bit Dual Rail-to-Rail DACs with I2C Interface / Tiny (3mm ×4mm) 12-Lead DFN Package

メーカー : Linear Technology

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LTC2627 datasheet

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The LTC 2607/LTC2617/LTC2627 are dual 16-, 14- and 12-bit, 2.7V to 5.5V rail-to-rail voltage output DACs in a 12-lead DFN package. They have built-in high performance output buffers and are guaranteed monotonic.

These parts establish new board-density benchmarks for 16- and 14-bit DACs and advance performance standards for  output  drive  and  load  regulation  in  single-supply, voltage-output DACs.


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