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部品番号 : MAX44250

詳細 : 20V, Ultra-Precision, Low-Noise Op Amps

メーカー : Maxim Integrated

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MAX44250 datasheet

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General Description
The MAX44250/MAX44251/MAX44252 are 20V, ultra precision, low-noise, low-drift amplifiers that offer near zero DC offset and drift through the use of patented auto
correlating zeroing techniques. This method constantly measures and compensates the input offset, eliminating drift over time and temperature and the effect of 1/f noise.
These single, dual, and quad devices feature rail-to-rail outputs, operate from a single 2.7V to 20V supply or dual ±1.35V to ±10V supplies and consume only 1.15mA
per channel, while providing 5.9nV/√Hzinput-referred voltage noise. The ICs are unity-gain stable with a gain bandwidth product of 10MHz. With excellent specifications such as offset voltage of 6µV (max), drift of 19nV/°C (max), and 123nVP-Pnoise in 0.1Hz to 10Hz, the ICs are ideally suited for applications requiring ultra-low noise and DC precision such as interfacing with pressure sensors, strain gauges, precision weight scales, and medical instrumentation. The ICs are available in 5-pin SOT23, 8-pin SOT23, 8-pin µMAXM, and 14-pin SO packages and are rated over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

Benefits and Features
♦ 2.7V to 20V Power-Supply Range
♦ Integrated EMI Filter
♦ 6µV Input Offset Voltage (max) at Room Temperature
♦ TCVOSof 19nV/°C (max)
♦ Low 5.9nV/√HzInput-Referred Voltage Noise
♦ 123nVP-Pin 0.1Hz to 10Hz
♦ Fast 400ns Settling Time
♦ 10MHz Gain-Bandwidth Product
♦ Rail-to-Rail Output
♦ High Accuracy Enables Precision Signal Chain Acquisition

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