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部品番号 : NCV47710

詳細 : 5 V to 20 V Adjustable LDO with Adjustable Current Limit and 3.3 V Logic Compatible Enable Input

メーカー : ON Semiconductor

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NCV47710 datasheet

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The NCV47710 is a 350 mA output current integrated low dropout regulator designed for use in harsh automotive environments. It includes wide operating temperature and input voltage ranges. The device is offered with adjustable voltage versions available in 6% output voltage accuracy. It has a high peak input voltage tolerance and reverse input voltage protection. It also provides overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection and enable for control of the state of the output voltage. The integrated current sense feature provides diagnosis and system protection functionality. The current limit of the device is adjustable by resistor connected to CSO pin
Voltage on CSO pin is proportional to output current.

•Adjustable Voltage Version (from 5 V to 20 V) ±6% Output Voltage for ±3% Output Voltage Accuracy see NCV47711 Specification
•Enable Input (3.3 V Logic Compatible Thresholds) for 5 V Logic Compatible Thresholds see NCV47700 or NCV47701 Specification
•Adjustable Current Limit (from 10 mA to 350 mA) with 10% accuracy
•Protection Features:
♦Current Limitation
♦Thermal Shutdown
♦Reverse Input Voltage
•This is a Pb−Free Device

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