RTC6705 データシート – 5.8GHz Band FM Transmitter – Richwave

部品番号 : RTC6705

特長 : CMOS 5.8GHz Band FM Transmitter

パッケージ : 40-pin leadless QFN package

メーカー : Toshiba


RTC6705 画像


部品情報 :

The RTC6705 is a wide-band FM transmitter intended for the application on 5.8GHz bands FM transmission. This chip includes a 5.8GHz band RF modulator, two channels of audio modulator and internal power amplifier with +13dBm power output referred to external matching network. The 5.8GHz band RF modulator block, which is frequency-synthesizer based with an integrated VCO, generates the 5.8GHz band FM signal modulated  with video signal and two modulated audio  subcarriers  at  6MHz  and  6.5MHz  respectively.  Both  Stereo and  Mono  application  are available on the chip.



RTC6705 データシート

1.  3.3V power supply
2.  Built-in PA with +13dBm output power
3.  5.8GHz band FM modulator and transmitter
4.  Simple digital pins setting 24 fixed channels to eliminate external micro-controller
5.  Two audio subcarrier modulators at 6MHz/6.5MHz
6.  Single chip CMOS technology with integrated VCO andPLL
7.  Transmitter frequency programmability by SPI 

RTC6705 データシート