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部品番号 : TC4468

詳細 : Logic-Input CMOS Quad Drivers / TC4467/TC4468/TC4469

メーカー : Microchip Technology

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TC4468 datasheet

部品情報 :

The TC4467/TC4468/TC4469 devices are a family of four-output CMOS buffers/MOSFET drivers with 1.2 A peak drive capability. Unlike other MOSFET drivers, these devices have two inputs for each output.

The inputs are configured as logic gates: NAND (TC4467), AND (TC4468) and AND/INV (TC4469).
The TC4467/TC4468/TC4469 drivers can continuously source up to 250 mA into ground referenced loads.

These devices are ideal for direct driving low current motors or driving MOSFETs in a H-bridge configuration for higher current motor drive (see Section 5.0 for details). Having the logic gates onboard the driver can help to reduce component count in many designs.

The TC4467/TC4468/TC4469 devices are very robust and highly latch-up resistant. They can tolerate up to 5 V of noise spiking on the ground line and can handle up to 0.5 A of reverse current on the driver outputs.

The TC4467/4468/4469 devices are available in commercial, industrial and military temperature ranges.

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