TDA1023 データシート PDF

部品番号 : TDA1023

詳細 : 13.7 V, proportional-control triac triggering circuit

メーカー : Philips Electronics

ピン配置図 :

TDA1023 datasheet

部品情報 :

The TDA1023 is a bipolar integrated circuit for controlling
triacs in a proportional time or burst firing mode. Permitting
precise temperature control of heating equipment it is
especially suited to the control of panel heaters.
It generates positive-going trigger pulses but complies with
regulations regarding mains waveform distortion and RF interference.

• Adjustable width of proportional range
• Adjustable hysteresis
• Adjustable width of trigger pulse
• Adjustable repetition timing of firing burst
• Control range translation facility
• Fail safe operation
• Supplied from the mains
• Provides supply for external temperature bridge

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