TPS3421EG データシート PDF

部品番号 : TPS3421EG

詳細 : Low-Power, Push-Button Controllers with Configurable Delay

メーカー : Texas Instruments

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TPS3421EG datasheet

部品情報 :

The TPS3420, TPS3421, and TPS3422 (TPS342x) are low-current, ultrasmall, push-button reset timers.

These devices use a long timing setup delay to provide the intended system reset, and avoid resets from short push-button closures or key presses. This
reset configuration also allows for differentiation between software interrupts and hard system resets.

• Very Small Package: 1.45-mm × 1-mm SON
• Operating Range: 1.6 V to 6.5 V
• Single (TPS3422) or Dual (TPS3420 and TPS3421) Push-Button Inputs
• Low Supply Current: 250 nA
• Two-State Logic, User-Selectable Input Delay:
– For Example: 7.5 s and 0 s
– Multiple Timing Options Available
• Fixed Timeout Pulse at RST (TPS3421 and TPS3422): 400 ms
– Other Timing Options Available on Request
• Active Low, Open-Drain Output

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