TPS82671 データシート PDF

部品番号 : TPS82671

特長 : 600mA Fully Integrated, Low Noise Step-Down Converter Module in MicroSiP(TM) Package

メーカー : Texas Instruments

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TPS82671 datasheet

部品情報 :

The TPS8267x device is a complete 600mA, DC/DC step-down power supply intended for low-power applications. Included in the package are the switching regulator, inductor and input/output capacitors. No additional components are required to finish the design.

The TPS8267x is based on a high-frequency synchronous step-down dc-dc converter optimized for battery-powered portable applications. The MicroSiP™ DC/DC converter operates at a regulated 5.5-MHz switching frequency and enters the power-save mode operation at light load currents to maintain high efficiency over the entire load current range.

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